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A Infordidáctica - Centro de Ensino e Formação Profissional, Lda., is a company that provides professional training and consulting services. Its main objectives are: develop people’s abilities and qualifications and promote the increase of companies’ competitiveness, namely between small and medium-sized companies.


This entity wishes to be known by its originality in what concerns the formative product that offers and the adaptation to the needs of those who search its services.

Accordingly, Infordidáctica intends to give solutions to three challenges:


  • To be a space of excellence in terms of the promoted specific training;
  • To reflect the surrounding regional and local environment in its formative contents and practices;
  • To be known regionally and locally by its work and quality.

Infordidáctica is an entity recognized by DGERT.


Formação Não Financiada

Formação Profissional


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